[TFLSP] 3C60 Gidea Park C.H.S – London Liverpool Street

[TFLSP] 3C60 Gidea Park C.H.S – London Liverpool Street

18th February 2019 1 By Driftgod

This scenario was originally going to be part of the TFL Rail scenario pack made by Cynx & I. However as both of us are busy with our own personal projects, we’ve decided to release the scenarios individually, so you can build up a collection of scenarios. This scenario was constructed using 64-bit so I hold no guarantee that it will work on 32-bit!

At rush hour, the service peak increases & as such, trains are called in from depots/sidings to assist. On a winter’s evening, you’ll be in charge of moving units 315820+315849 from Gidea Park C.H.S to London Liverpool Street. As it is snowing it means there’ll be wheelslip, so be mindful when using the throttle/brake!

Copy the Content folder into your main RailWorks installation.

(items that are denoted with a * behind it are items that won’t break the scenario if not owned)
GEML London-Ipswich
Class 90/mk3 dvt pack
Class 378* (or any routes that includes it e.g North London Line & GOBLIN)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 321 pack
Class 314/315 pack
Wherry Lines extra stock (the route itself is NOT required, just the extra stock)
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

Class 379 Greater Anglia*

Thank you for playing, any feedback good or bad is much appreciated & will be gratefully received.