[NT] 2D12 Bishop Auckland – Saltburn [Class 150/2]

[NT] 2D12 Bishop Auckland – Saltburn [Class 150/2]

18th February 2019 0 By JamesN99

This scenario depicts a busy morning where all hasn’t gone to plan. Disruptions last night have meant the unit diagrammed for the 2D12 Bishop Auckland – Saltburn service was stabled at York overnight and with rolling stock shortages it was not possible to cover this service. You have therefore been given the task of taking the unit up to Darlington and continuing to Middlesborough, where the rostered driver will take over. You are currently in the passing loop south of Darlington waiting for the late running LNER Doncaster – Edinburgh service to overtake you. Once you clear Darlington Station it should be a clear run.

This was made using real life timetables for Northern, TPE and LNER. Freight workings are fictional.

Payware Requirements:
AP Class 150/2 Pack
AP Class 66 EP
AP Class 91 EP
UK Loco and Asset Pack

Freeware Requirements:
DPS East Coast Mainline North East (Old one)
Finchy Class 185
TSD LNER/VTEC IC225 Pack (Available on ATS)
2018 GBRF Class 66 Pack (https://alanthomsonsim.com/?download=class-66-gbrf-2018)
UKTS Wagons Pack