Summer Paddington to Barnstaple

Summer Paddington to Barnstaple

28th December 2021 2 By Lucathla

During this summer, GWR are running one train per day directly from London Paddington to Barnstaple. In this scenario, you are in the control of the train from the approach of Exeter St. Davids all the way through to Barnstaple calling at: Exeter St. Davids (where the train reverses) – Crediton – Yeoford – Lapford – Eggesford – Portsmouth Arms – Barnstaple.
[Fictional Scenario] – [Rolling Start]


[DP Simulation] (And its dependencies)
Barnstaple to Exeter Route

[Armstrong Powerhouse] (And its dependencies)
AP Class 800-803 EP
AP Class 158 (Cummins) EP
AP Class 150/2

[Major Wales] (And its dependencies)
Major Wales Class 43 Revamp Pack
Major Wales Class 143/144 Revamp Pack

This is the first scenario I’ve published. I hope you will like it.