SS / 2Y24 1203 Sheffield – Leeds

SS / 2Y24 1203 Sheffield – Leeds

6th February 2020 0 By Shepherd Scenarios

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Set in the Spring of 1994, you are held in the Hemsworth Loop waiting for an InterCity service to pass. Once you have the road, you will be stopping at all stations along the way to Leeds.

Notice: As of 08/10/2020, this scenario has been updated to V1.2 which added a new required reskin.

ATS Leeds Lines Phase 1 (Doncaster – Leeds)

Requirements for scenario:
– DTG BR Provincial Sector Class 143
– DTG InterCity Class 91 Loco
– DTG European Loco & Asset Pack
– DTG Network SouthEast Class 159
Armstrong Powerhouse:
– AP Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack
– AP Class 142 Multiple Unit Pack
– AP Class 156 Multiple Unit Pack
– AP Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
– AP Class 321 Multiple Unit Pack
– AP Mk2D-F Coach Pack
Alan Thomson Simulation
– JamesIvell Class 321/9 West Yorkshire PTE Livery
– RF72 Class 144 West Yorkshire PTE ‘MetroTrain’
Vulcan Productions
– VP Class 142 Triple Pack