GEML 90 and DVT Texture Patch

GEML 90 and DVT Texture Patch

7th January 2023 2 By Clowes

Nobody said anything about Duplo.

Welcome to the first in the SplodgeIt range, which focusses on quicker, less refined content that’s still heaps above default. You get semi-decent content, and I get more time to spend on other packs. For instance, if this was done the detail of a full pack, it would probably have taken minimum about 12 times longer.

Requirements (The more you have the more content you’ll be able to use, so you could technically use some of this pack with just one of the first two requirements):

  1. AP-Waggonz Class 90/Mk3 DVT
  2. Steam: GEML Class 90 (& Mk3 DVT)
  3. Wherry Lines V2 or V1 (for AGA branded variants)
  4. BodgeItTMD Ex-GA 90s (for AGA)
  5. Major Wales Mk3 DVT LEDs
  6. AP Mk3A-B Coach Pack (otherwise what’s the point in colour matching)

Anyway, what is this?
Following the release of the AP Mk3A-B Coach Pack, the DVTs and 90s to go at either end don’t match. But now they do wooo. It’s pretty much minor enhancements but full colour change, aside from the ONE Dark DVT 82119, which I did from scratch because it wasn’t accurate, at all.
I think this covers the following:

– ONE Light (90 & DVT)¹
– ONE Dark (90 & DVT)¹
– Blue White (Striped) (90 & DVT)²
– Blue White (90 & DVT)²
– Blue White AGA LED (90 & DVT)²⁺³⁺⁵*
– NXEA UB (90 & DVT)²
– NXEA UB LED (90)²
– Ex-NXEA AGA LED (90)²
– AGA LED (90 & DVT)²⁺³⁺⁴⁺⁵*

*5 is a totally optional requirement even if you still want to use BW AGA LED or AGA LED – the DVTs just won’t have LEDs.

If you were hoping for Virgin or other liveries, see the VTWC Loco Hauled or Pretendolino DVT reskins on the ATS website. It’s also totally compatible with the Mk3A-B Coach Improvement Pack on ATS.

Things that haven’t changed:
– Bin file names
– Number of bin files (ie this pack will never be a scenario requirement)
– Number positions/fonts
– Child objects
– LocoInformation images
– AGA 90 (HUD version)

To install:
It’s split into 3 folders to suit your requirements, but a readme is included. The batch file corrects the lightbox on 82119.