SP: 1L29 – 11:20 London Waterloo – Salisbury

SP: 1L29 – 11:20 London Waterloo – Salisbury

14th March 2021 2 By Sami Pitfield

On a dull and rainy day in the spring of 1991, Take 50 024 ‘Vanguard’ from London Waterloo to Woking on the 11:20 1L29 to Salisbury.



Portsmouth Direct Line Extended (Steam)
Class 421 EMU Addon (Steam)
Class 423 EMU Addon (Steam)
Class 415/416 EMU Addon (Steam)
Class 442 ‘Gatwick Express’ EMU Addon (Steam)
Class 33 Loco Addon (Steam)
Thomson Class 455 EMU Addon (Steam)


Class 50 Loco Addon
Class 456 EMU Addon
Class 455 SP
Class 421/422/423 SP
Class 442 SP
Class 33 SP
MK2a-c Coach Pack
Track EP (Not required)
Weather EP (Not required)


ATS Class 442 NSE Reskin
ATS Class 455/8 Reskin Pack

As always if I have missed anything please let me know!


Extract the Contents folder to a place of your choice, then simply drag it into your RailWorks directory. It seems that recently I have made mistakes with this. If I do so again please let me know.

Lastly, and most of all, enjoy the scenario!