(RP) The Mary Rose. 1989

(RP) The Mary Rose. 1989

18th January 2021 10 By Robin Price

Route and Requirements
* From STEAM :
– Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo to Portsmouth route https://store.steampowered.com/app/820203/Train_Simulator_Portsmouth_Direct_Line_London_Waterloo__Portsmouth_Route_AddOn/
– Class 421 4-CIG EMU add-on https://store.steampowered.com/app/65228/Train_Simulator_BR_Class_421_4CIG_Loco/
– Class 423 4-VEP EMU add-on https://store.steampowered.com/app/65256/Train_Simulator_BR_Class_423_4VEP_EMU_AddOn/
– Class 455 EMU add-on https://store.steampowered.com/app/65229/Train_Simulator_Class_455_EMU_AddOn/
Class 33
Class 442
Class 73 Gatwick Express
Medway Valley Line
Class 59DB

From Armstrong Powerhouse https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/ :
Class 411/412 EMU pack
Class 50 Locomotive Pack
Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
Mk2A-C Coach Pack
JHA Wagon Pack
JXA/POA Wagon Pack
Class 442 Sound Pack (Pro)
Class 455 Sound Pack
Class 421/423 Sound Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
Track Enhancement Pack

Major Wales Design
Class 155

Class 59/0, early Foster Yeoman v1.1 File Number 37842

Class 442 5WES ‘Network Southeast’

Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 455 Texture Patches
Class 423 Texture Patch
Class 59 ARC Livery

1hr 20mins

Fair with Cloud

*Please Note* – This scenario is quite heavy on A.I. traffic, and unfortunately I am unable to confirm whether it will run on lower-spec computers.

I think thats it, If i have forgotten something, Then please accept my apologies

Hi driver. You are tasked to take 1P09 The Mary Rose Service from London Waterloo To Portsmouth Harbour. This was a fast service back in 1989 when the 4CEP AND 4BEP took over The Solent and Wessex line. Your traction will be a 4CAR CEP, 4CAR BEP, 4CAR CEP. You will only be calling at Guildford, Havant, Portsmouth&Southsea, and Portsmouth Harbour. Your route code is 81. Enjoy