(RP) Checking The Line. (Fictional)

(RP) Checking The Line. (Fictional)

22nd May 2020 1 By Robin Price

Route Needed



Stock Needed
Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 EP
Mk2 Pack 1 or 2.
Weather pack

Story goes.
Network Rail is wondering whether to open the line between Bath Green Park and Bournemouth West. Your task is to drive from Bath to Bournemouth using Top&Tail Colas Class 37 and 5 Mk2’s. Due to the state of the line, Your MAX SPEED IS 40MPH. Enjoy.

P.s if there are any dodgy signals, You are allowed to pass them, they might have seized up in the last 55yrs. There is nothing else on the line, Only you. YOU ARE THE ONLY TRAIN. NO AI TRAINS.