1P13 07:07 Oxford to London Paddington

1P13 07:07 Oxford to London Paddington

22nd May 2020 0 By Cactus732

Shortly after its introduction on the Cotswold line, you are in charge of an 800/3 on a morning peak service from Oxford to Paddington. The electrification work has been completed as far as Tilehurst so most IET services have been running on Electric from Reading but due to some teething problems with your unit you will be running on Diesel for the whole journey.

Scenario Length: 1hr
Scenario Route: Western Mainlines Electrifcation Project v1.02


Superalbs GWR 800/802
Superalbs GWR Class 387
Superalbs GWR Class 166
Superalbs FGW Plain Blue Class 166
AP Class 66EP
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
AP JHA Wagon Pack
AP Class 450/444 EP*
DTG DB Class 59
JT Voyager
JT Class 67 + Car Carriers
JT Chiltern Mainline
MJW Heathrow Connect Class 360
MJW Heathrow Express Class 360
James Ivell (ATS) Night Riviera Pack*
VP Chiltern Mk3 AP Sound Patch
VP Class 57/6 Pack*
Virtual District Line*

*=Static AI not required for full functionality