(RP) Bristol-Taunton-Bristol Shuttles (2020)

(RP) Bristol-Taunton-Bristol Shuttles (2020)

12th April 2020 3 By Robin Price

Route needed
SouthWestern Expressway

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 158 EP+DTG Class 159 Pack

Class 166 Gwr/Plain Blue
Class 800

Just Trains
Voyager+ AP Class 220-221 sound pack

Morning Driver. Your tasked today to work 2Z27 11:55 Gwr from Bristol to Taunton, and 2Z28 13:17 Taunton back to Bristol. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, Gwr are running shuttle services on its route. You will call at all stations going down, and all stations coming back. There is only one other stopping train on this route today doing the same as you. Also CrossCountry are running a limited service so will see a couple of there trains, apart from that, It is very quiet out there. If you see any reds, Feel free to tab. There is a prob at bridgewater on the way back up with a signal being red. and one just passed bedminster as well. Feel free to leave any comments. These times were taken from today’s actual timings on RTT, and the two class 158’s are correctly numbered for today’s actual workings. Enjoy a nice stroll through the somerset countryside in the sun.