WCML North – Reworked Royal Scott

WCML North – Reworked Royal Scott

12th April 2020 7 By SScenariosBen

Here is a rework of a standard WCML North scenario called “Royal Scott”. This scenario has been updated to use more modern stock rather than the older included stock with WCML North. FULL CREDIT TO KEITH ROSS FOR THE ORIGINAL SCENARIO

You are driving an IC Class 86 with a rake of Mk2s and RFM and a DVT. You start after a signal check below Carlisle and will stop at Carlisle, Lockerbie, Motherwell and Glasgow Central. Also beware of the 10mph TSR heading up Beattock, that’ll give you a challenge.

AP Class 86 EP
AP Class 90 / Mk3 DVT
AP Mk1 Pack Vol 1
AP Mk2 A-C
AP Mk2 D-F
AP HST Valenta EP
AP Class 37 Vol 1
AP HAA Wagons
BMG Black 5 (not essential, if you don’t have this the error can just be cancelled with F2)

Recommended but not essential :
AP Class 47 Sound Pack
WCML North Neutral Section Patch (available here)