(RP) 0M26 Leeds Balm Rd FHH to Crewe Basford Hall S.S.M 07/07/2020

(RP) 0M26 Leeds Balm Rd FHH to Crewe Basford Hall S.S.M 07/07/2020

10th July 2020 0 By Robin Price

Route Needed
Manchester Stations To Huddersfield (Found on Alan Thomson website under Routes)


Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 150EP
Class 150
Class 158
Class 66p
Weather EP
Class 175 Enhancement pack
Class 350 or 450 Enhancement pack (For Fullers Simulation Class 185 Pack)

Alan Thomson Website
Manchester Stations to Huddersfield (Routes)
Fullers Simulation Class 185 Pack (Rolling Stock)
Class 158 Northern Train FX Patch (Patches/Fixes)
Class 150 LED Headlights (Patches/Fixes)
Class 66 LED Headlights (Patches/Fixes)

South Wales Coastal (Bristol to Cardiff for Fullers Simulation 185 Pack)
Class 150/1
Class 66 Pack 2 3 4

Class 159 (For Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158)

I think that is it. If i have forgotten something then please except my apologies.

Today driver you are tasked with taking 0M26 Leeds Balm Rd FHH-Crewe Basford Hall S.S.M. Your traction for today is 66619 and 66556. you will pick this up at Huddersfield and get relieved at Guide Bridge. The signal in front of you when you start is playing up. Please wait for it to go from Green to Red and back to Yellow before leaving Huddersfield. You will also be following a stopping service to Manchester Piccadilly, So keep a eye on the signal. You have one stop at Marsden. Please obey all signals, as apart from the one at Huddersfield, They all work Properly. Please also to remember to put your tail lights on in the back cab. Max speed for this train is 75mph. Enjoy