(AT) 2J93- 17:17 Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Victoria

(AT) 2J93- 17:17 Liverpool Lime Street to Manchester Victoria

2nd August 2021 1 By adam_t2166

Good evening driver, you are in charge of 319483 to Manchester Victoria. You will be calling at all stations along the way. Year: 2018
A fault on the 17:13 Wigan service has meant that you will be delayed by a few minutes, you will likely be held up around Manchester.

Essential Requirements

ATS Chat Moss Line

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 319 Volume 1 EMU Pack
Chris Horsfield’s Class 319 Train FX Upgrade*

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/2 DMU Pack

NSE Class 159 DMU Addon
Chris Horsfield’s Class 158 ATN Train FX Upgrade
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 Perkins Enhancement Pack

Fuller Simulation’s Class 185 DMU Pack

Reccomended Requirements
DTG Class 142 DMU addon
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 142 DMU Pack
Class 142 Ex Northern Rail reskin (ATS)

DTG Class 150/1 DMU Addon
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack

Pennine Pacer’s Manchester Station’s to Huddersfield

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 175 Enhancement Pack V2.0
Major Wales Class 175 Revamp Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 66 Enhancement Pack
James Ivell’s Class 66 LED headlights.

DTG West Coast Mainline South
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 390 Sound Pack
Major Wales Class 390 Revamp Pack

Non-essential requirements (don’t worry if you don’t own these)

Armstrong Powerhouse JXA/POA Wagon Pack

Jake Fuller’s Drax Biomass Wagons

Clowes Class 158 ARN variants