[RC] 6D54 Tees Yard to Scunthorpe Trent TC – DB Cargo Class 66

[RC] 6D54 Tees Yard to Scunthorpe Trent TC – DB Cargo Class 66

31st March 2023 6 By Rich Curtis

Hauling a rake of MEA wagons loaded with flyash*, work 6D54 1455 Tees Yard to Scunthorpe (as far as York) along the North East England route with 66137 up-top. This scenario is set on the 9 August 2022, with WTT timings for player and AI. Every effort has been made to reflect reality and create an immersive drive.


DP Simulation:
North East England V3 route
Class 158
Class 66
Class 800
Class 185
Class 66 LED Headlights (by James Ivell)
Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 158 EP (Perkins and Cummins)
Class 66 EP
Class 800 EP
BAA Wagons EP
HHA Wagons EP
MEA Wagons EP
Signal Enhancement Pack
Weather & Sky Enhancement Pack V2
RHTT Wagons

Installation: Copy and paste the ‘Contents’ folder into your RailWorks directory.

*Whilst this real working hauls flyash, ballast has been used to depict the colour of the loaded flyash due to the AP MEAs not including this as a load.

Any comments, thoughts, considerations or trivia please leave a reply below – I hope you enjoy the scenario 🙂