1Z39 15:17 Lowestoft to Norwich ‘Spinnin’ State 7′ Railtour

1Z39 15:17 Lowestoft to Norwich ‘Spinnin’ State 7′ Railtour

3rd April 2023 2 By Bill Dalton

On a Wherry rare outing for 66543, you’ll be working a slightly delayed leg from Lowestoft to Norwich as part of Past Time Tour’s ‘Spinnin’ 7 Railtour’ which started out at Liverpool Street, taking in Harwich, Lowestoft, Norwich and Stowmarket before returning. At Norwich, a pair of 86s took over the Stowmarket run, with 56119 completing the last leg from Stowmarket to Liverpool Street.

Enjoy 🙂

* = Optional
From Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 2
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 86 Enhancement Pack
Class 90/DVT Pack*
Class 150/2 DMU Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
JTA/JUA/PTA Wagon Pack*
MEA/PNA-F Wagon Pack
MK1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
MK2 d-f Coach Pack
MK2 DBSO Coach Pack
MK3 a-b Coach Pack
Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0
Wherry Lines Norwich to Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft Route 2.0

From Alanthomsonsim
Class 90 EWS (BodgeitTMD)*
Class 168/170/171 Destinations Patch (AR/GA/HT)*

Please copy the “Content” folder for this scenario into your Railworks Directory.