Prestwick BP Oil to Grangemouth INEOS

Prestwick BP Oil to Grangemouth INEOS

24th February 2019 0 By Davy50G

Prestwick BP Oil to Grangemouth INEOS

Colas Class 56 (AP), Duration 20mins (Super-Short Scenario) Train Simulator 64bit reccomended and Armstrong Powerhouse Weather Enhancement Pack.Speed limit is 60mph.

Briefing: Welcome driver. Set up your train and await the signal to proceed. Press TAB at all red aspects apart from this one! Remember to set the points at the Ineos Depot.

Note: The red aspect at the start of this scenario is deliberate. ALL other red aspects should be tabbed! Something funny going on with the signals… sorry.

Class 170
Class 92
Class 66
Class 56 BR Sectors
Class 158
Class 380
Edinburgh to Glasgow Electrified from the Steam Workshop:
DTG Edinburgh to Glasgow
DTG: GEML: London to Ipswich
DTG: ECML: London to Peterborough
Class 70 (TEA Wagons)
South Wales Coastal Route

Class 360/444/450 Sound Pack
Class 158-159 Sound Pack
AP Weather & Track Enhancement Packs
Class 66 Sound Pack
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 56 Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack

Superalbs 158 Abellio ScotRail Reskin –
Class 380 Abellio ScotRail Reskin –
Class 43 ScotRail 7 Cities Reskin –
ECS 45ft Canvas Megafret Reskin –
Class 92 Megafret Reskins by Calum Green
Richard Fletcher Class 92 Megafret reskins, Tesco, Stobart Rail, ECS etc. –
Richard Fletcher Class 66 Fl v2.0 Container Texture Replace 1 –
TEA VTG wagon repaint –
Colas Class 70 reskin –

Copy the Content folder from the downloaded file into your main Railworks directory and overwrite when prompted.