[oz] 6M91 0920 Sheerness to Willesden Brent

[oz] 6M91 0920 Sheerness to Willesden Brent

1st February 2019 0 By ozdazz

Scenario: [oz] 6M91 0920 Sheerness to Willesden Brent
Author: ozdazz (Darren Wardlaw)
Date created: 1 Feb 2019

Scenario Details

Type: Standard
Date: 14/10/1988
Loco: Class 47
Duration: 36 minutes
Difficulty: 2 (easy)
Season: Autumn
Weather: Foggy


This scenario precedes the ‘APJXA: 6M91 9:20 Sheerness – Willesden Brent’ scenario which comes with the Armstrong Powerhouse JXA Wagon pack. It utilises the Sheerness Branch Extension from Steam.

You start near East Junction in the Sheerness Steelworks. After running around and coupling to the empty scrap wagons, you are to propel the wagons into Sheerness On Sea Platform 1 and then depart along the Sheerness branch line towards the mainline. You will be held awhile at the signal at Western Junction, and this is where the scenario ends and the Armstrong Powerhouse scenario takes over. So it is recommended to run the AP scenario straight after this one for continuity.

Required Routes/Rolling Stock

Steam – London to Faversham High Speed
Steam – Sheerness Branch Extension
Steam – Kuju Class 47
Armstrong Powerhouse – Class 47 sound pack
Armstrong Powerhouse – JXA/POA wagon pack
Steam – BR Class 423 ‘4VEP’

Nice To Have Rolling Stock

(It won’t break the scenario if you don’t have these)
Steam – Freightliner & EWS Class 08
Steam Marketplace – Class 08 BR Blue livery
Steam – Kuju 16T Mineral wagons (Euro Asset Pack)

Thank you for downloading this scenario and I hope you enjoy it!