5L48: 1130 Etches Park Sdgs to Norwich

5L48: 1130 Etches Park Sdgs to Norwich

2nd February 2019 0 By JollyGood02

This scenario is based of a real life ECS working in which an East Midlands Trains class 156 to Norwich went via the ECML between Peterborough and Hitchin on the 27/1/18

-Class 156 (Oovee)
-Class 156 ‘East Midlands Trains’ reskin (Superalbs)

-South London Network (RSC)
-Class 387 ‘Great Northern/Thameslink’ reskin (Superalbs)

-European Loco & Asset pack (Kuju) [Comes with some routes]
-Class 43/MK3 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-IC125 ‘VTEC/LNER’ reskin (Ash Clark, James Ivell & Lewis Clowes)

-Class 91 ‘Electra'(DTG and RSC)
-Class 91/Mk4 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
-IC225 ‘VTEC/LNER’ reskin (Brad Harding, Ash Clark, Chris Horsfield, James Ivell and Lewis Clowes)

-Class 180 ‘Adelante’ (DTG)
-Class 180 ‘Hull Trains’ reskin (BH reskins) [NOT LISTED IN README]