Nuggets’ 2M05 Bedford-Brighton (Full Run).

Nuggets’ 2M05 Bedford-Brighton (Full Run).

21st July 2021 9 By Nuggets

Hello there, this is an extended version of my first scenario. I have tried my best to make it as interesting and fun as possible while keeping realism. To enjoy the scenario as well as possible, please stick to the timetable, (it gets very tight as you get towards Brighton).

This is a scenario for Danny’s wonderful ‘South London and Thameslink route’.

You are given a pair of Thameslink 377s on a nice summer’s day and you should have a reasonably smooth run to Brighton. You may encounter some red signals on the way; just press tab and it should be clear to pass through (although always take precaution as you may be denied).

Requirements (Things that aren’t marked as ‘Required’ are optional):

Class 375/377 EP (Required)
Class 319 Vol 1 (And it’s requirements)(Highly recommended)
Class 66
Class 220/221 sound pack(Recommended)
Class 350/450 sound pack (Discontinued)(Highly Recommended)
Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 (VP185)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack (Highly Recommended)
Class 465/466 Enhancement Pack (Recommended)
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack (Recommended)
Class 442 Sound Pack (Recommended)
Class 455 Enhancement Pack Volume 2 (Highly Recommended)

Just Trains:
Class 222 (Highly recommended)
London Underground S8 Stock

Class 166 Soundpack
S8 Soundpack (or the S8 soundpack which can be found on ATS)

European Loco and Asset Pack (Required)

Steam Workshop:
Danny’s South London and Thameslink (and its requirements)(Required)

East midlands Angels HST (Recommended)
HST Improvement patch (Recommended)

Class 700 ‘Pride’
Class 43 ’EMT 11 Years’. NOTE: Since the download for this is down, you will just have to play the scenario without this, but it is no big issue don’t worry.
Superalbs Class 387 Gatwick Express
Superalbs Class 387 Thameslink (static AI)
ICE 3 ‘Eurostar’
Superalbs GWR 166
JT Class 222 ‘EMR’

HST Cab & Lights Enhancement Pack (HD 1080p & UltraHD 4K) – v5.0

Simply drag and drop the ‘Contents’ file (in the zip) into your railworks folder.

Please note:
I have not yet managed to change the destinations of the AI trains, although I have tried but with no luck, sorry.
You will have to switch to DC mode at City Thameslink
You may encounter some red signals; this is a problem on DTG’s side; just press tab before actually passing the signal to bypass this (You may want to turn the end game after SPAD option off).
Please do not re-distribute this file without my permission, but you may edit it for personal use.
There may be a scenario error (at the very end so don’t worry, but I haven’t managed to fix this yet)

Let me know how it goes (and if I’m missing anything), I’d love some feedback!

Feel free to try out my Three Bridges scenario if you want something shorter, but it does not use the class 455 EP unlike this scenario.