2L79 – 16:02 Dumfries to Carlisle

2L79 – 16:02 Dumfries to Carlisle

5th May 2021 2 By Poolecj

Scenario Information:

Traction – Class 156 Nos. 156493 & 156437
Train Operating Company – Abellio Scotrail
Track Covered – Dumfries to Carlisle
Year – 2021
Duration – 40 Minutes
Weather – Rain

Take the controls of 156493 & 156437 between Dumfries and Carlisle on a dull
• Please note that due to the fact that Gretna Green station had not been
built in the era in which WCMLoS is depicted, I have had to improvise a
build of the station. Only a small number of assets are available in the
scenario editor to be placed and combined with the outdated singletrack layout present in game, please do not expect a masterpiece.
• As a result of Gretna Green having to be constructed in this way, you will
not be able to open the doors at the platform. Instead, just stop and wait
for the on-board announcement to play before you depart.

DLC Required:

• WCML Over Shap
• AP Class 156
• AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
• JT Voyager Advanced

Thank you for downloading my scenario! I hope you enjoy!
All my scenarios are tested before release to ensure that everything works as
intended, however in the unlikely event you encounter any errors, please leave
a comment on the scenario page.
• Please note that I am unable to offer support if you don’t have all the
requirements, or have swapped out stock using RW Tools.
Also, if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment on the scenario
page as well.