Northern Destinations Pack (DMU)

Northern Destinations Pack (DMU)

20th October 2021 3 By Chris Horsfield

This sizeable pack provides a magnitude of brand new destination textures, in various formats, for a significant number of Diesel Multiple Units that have been plying their trade for Northern Rail, and more recently, Arriva Rail North. Within this pack are displays for the Class 150/2 (AP), Class 156 (AP) and Class 158 (RSC/AP), in the shape of roller blinds (150/2, 156), Old segment style displays (158), and the now common place ‘TrainFX’ displays, in use on the 150/2, 156, and 158.

All textures are applied on larger texture maps than normal, to give a much more HD look about them, especially at close range.

Due to the sheer amount of destinations that these workhorses serve, it hasn’t previously been possible to cover all of them in the destination lists that come with default stock and AP enhancement packs etc. This was a major bug-bear of mine, so I decided to change it!

The Class 150/2, and 156 now work from two texture sets per their respective display formats, and the 158 now has THREE! – There are over 100 destinations available for each type of stock and corresponding displays!

Vehicle .bin files for all of the above have been duplicated and modified to cater for each of the new texture sets. Details are included in the manual, of which you MUST, MUST read!


30/10/2023: No longer supports DTG Class 142 and associated reskins since AP 142 release.
Added ex-EMR (Northern) variant for the units currently transferring from EMR to Northern.


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Class 158 – Northern Variants



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