[mjt] 6L85 03:39 Crewe Bas Hall S.S.M. – Middleton Towers Fhh

[mjt] 6L85 03:39 Crewe Bas Hall S.S.M. – Middleton Towers Fhh

17th February 2024 2 By mattyjt02

Having taken over at Peterborough, you form the last leg of early morning sand empties train 6-Lima-85 from Crewe Basford Hall to Middleton Towers Quarry inside the cab of DBC’s 66206, hauling a rack of 19 HYAs. This is a lower-priority freight service so expect to be making a few pathing stops in a few places. Apart from that, it should generally be a nice and straightforward run across the Fens. Once you arrive at Kings Lynn yard, a colleague will be there to take over and bring the hoppers down to the quarry. Remember to stick to a max speed of 60 MPH.

(*This scenario is a reupload of the same one I released a few weeks prior, which was previously hit with a signaling bug*)

Route Covered: ATS Kings Cross – Kings Lynn (+ Cambridge – Peterborough)
Setting: January 2023
Duration: 90 mins (1h 30mins)
Track Covered: Peterborough – Kings Lynn
Traction: 66206

1) Download and extract the provided zip file.
2) Find the ‘Content’ folder. Drag/copy this folder into your railworks directory, and the scenario should be installed!

(* = non-essential/static AI)

AP 156 DMU Pack*
AP 158 (Perkins) EP
AP 170 EP
AP 377/379/387 EP
AP 43 (MTU)/Mk3 EP (discontinued)*
AP 43 (Valenta)/Mk3 EP*
AP 43 (VP185)/Mk3 EP*
AP 66 EP
AP 700 EP
AP 800-803 EP
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
AP Signal EP
AP Sky & Weather EP 2.0*
AP Wagon (Modern) SP (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! – Scenario will still work without, but the HYA-Bs won’t have any sounds)
RSC Settle to Carlisle*

Class 377/379/387 Destinations Patch (ATS – Spongebot64)
Class 387/3 Ex-C2C – Great Northern (ATS – Dale43170)
Class 387 Ex-GWR ‘The Great Northern Robbery’ (Train Sim Community – Ash992478)
Class 66 LED Headlights (ATS – James Ivell)
GBRf 66 Pack v1.3.2 (Train Sim Community – AR Mods)
HYA-B Wagon Pack v1.6 (Train Sim Community – AR Mods)
HST Improvement Patch (ATS – James Ivell)*
Mk3 Sliding Door Pack (ATS – James Ivell)*
VTEC & LNER HST Pack (ATS – Clowes)*

– Due to the current absence of the Greater Anglia 745/755 FLIRTS in TSC, these trains are instead represented by the AP Class 170. However, this scenario will be updated in due course by the time they’re released.

Hope you enjoy!