[mjt] 5Q06 08:21 Merchant Park Sidings – Oxley Car. M.D.

[mjt] 5Q06 08:21 Merchant Park Sidings – Oxley Car. M.D.

21st April 2024 5 By mattyjt02

Today you will be working 5Q06, which is a return run for one of Avanti West Coast’s new Class 805 bi-mode units from the Hitachi Manufacturing Facility in Newton Aycliffe back to Oxley Depot in Wolverhampton. You will be driving 805001 which has been freshly wrapped in her Avanti West Coast vinyls at the facility. You will take this train as far as York where a colleague will take over for the remainder of the journey back to the West Midlands. Due to enter service in Summer 2024, the Class 805 will form part of Avanti’s new and upcoming fleet of trains developed by Hitachi Rail. Much like the Class 802, the 805s are bi-mode and fitted with on-board diesel ‘generating units’, enabling them to operate along unelectrified areas of the network – specifically the North Wales Coast towards Holyhead.

Setting: 10th April 2024
Duration: 60 mins
Route: DPS North East England
Track Covered: Hitachi Newton Aycliffe – York
Traction: 805001

How to Install:
Download and extract the provided zip file. Find the provided ‘Content’ folder and Drag/Copy this folder into your railworks directory. The scenario should now be installed!

(As WCML Trent Valley is the base route for the DPS NEE route, you must have the AP Signal EP and the WCML Trent Valley Signal EP Patch installed for the signals to function correctly)

AP 170 EP
AP 66 EP
AP 800-803 EP
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
AP HHA Wagon Pack*
AP JNA Wagon Pack
AP Signal EP (ESSENTIAL for signals to function as intended)
AP Sky & Weather EP 2.0* (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for intended weather patterns)
AP Wagon (Modern) SP* (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for HYA-B wagon sounds)
ATS/Imbue Class 185
Class 70
JT Voyager Advanced 2019
JT Class 153 DMU Advanced
WCML Trent Valley

Class 220/221 (JT) Updated Consists (Leander)
Class 66 LED Headlights (James Ivell)
WCML Trent Valley Signal EP Patch (ESSENTIAL for signals to function as intended) (James Ivell)

(DP Simulation)
Class 70 ‘Colas Rail’ (RF72 Reskins)

Arriva Rail Northern Class 155
Arriva Rail Northern Class 170
Class 153 Revamp Pack

(Semaphore Sim)
Avanti West Coast Class 805/807 Reskin Pack (AzeezSim)
Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 Overhaul (LP Simulation)

GBRF 66 Pack (AH Mods)
HYA-B Wagons (AH Mods)

(Vulcan Productions)
GBRF 66783 (Biffa) and 66789 (BR Large Logo) (Rob Skipworth)

Things to know:
1) TABing Red Signals:
There is only one occasion where you will need to do this. This happens at Thirsk station (Signal Y426) on the Up Fast. You will be behind southbound 1P64 which departs Thirsk and immediately joins the Up Fast. You will likely need to wait for this train to depart and clear the signal block before you can proceed. However, this signal does not step up to yellow, even after it clears the next one. Thus, the player should watch 1P64 from the cab or inspect the map for its location, ensuring it clears the next signal before pressing TAB and proceeding. You are notified about this again in the scenario.
2) No CAF Civity:
Due to the lack of Class 195 in TSC, this train is instead represented by the Class 170 in the MJW Arriva Northern Reskin. The unit in question has been appropriately relabelled.

As always, feedback is much appreciated. Enjoy!