[mjt] 1Z90 08:15 London Kings Cross – Newcastle

[mjt] 1Z90 08:15 London Kings Cross – Newcastle

19th April 2024 3 By mattyjt02

On Saturday 6th April 2024, Steam Dreams hosted the ‘London to Castle Howard, Beamish & Newcastle’ charter between London Kings Cross and Newcastle. In this 3-part scenario, you will lead the entire outbound journey, operating under headcode 1-Zulu-90. Your traction is in the form of 90001 ‘Royal Scot’ with D1924 at the rear.

After making pick-up stops at Potters Bar, Stevenage, and Peterborough – we will drop-off our first group of guests at York for an optional excursion to the majestic Castle Howard stately home, before reaching the historic city of Durham and finally Newcastle where there will be another optional excursion to the Beamish Living Museum. Due to industrial action heavily affecting services on the ECML today, you can expect a rather quiet and easy run on the way down. Many of our passengers have paid good money for a seat on this train so do ensure that you offer them a pleasant journey!

Setting: 6th April 2024
Total Duration: 225 mins (3h 45mins)
Track Covered: London Kings Cross – Newcastle via the ECML
Traction: 90001 + D1924 (47810)

How to Install:
1) Download and extract the provided zip file.
2) Find the ‘Content’ folder. Drag/copy this folder into your railworks directory, and the scenario should be installed!

(*=non-essential. Some items listed may also have their own requirements)

Routes Required:
Part 1: ATS Kings Cross – Kings Lynn (+ Cambridge – Peterborough)
Part 2: ATS ECML London Kings Cross – Leeds/York Merge
Part 3: DPS ECML North East (*website version*)

GEML Class 90 (not the AP Version)
AP 150/2 DMU Pack*
AP 158 (Perkins) EP
AP 170 EP
AP 319 EMU Pack Vol. 1*
AP 377/379/387 EP
AP 66 EP
AP 700 EP
AP 800-803 EP
AP FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
AP HHA Wagon Pack*
AP Mk1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
AP Signal EP* (+ ECML Kings Cross – Leeds Merge Signal EP Patch*)
AP Sky & Weather EP 2.0* (Highly recommended for intended weather patterns to work)
DTG Class 180 ‘Adelante’ DMU
JT Voyager Advanced 2019
Welsh Marches Line (Unbranded)
WCML Trent Valley

— Freeware —
Class 158 Northern Variants (Clowes)
Class 220/221 (JT) Updated Consists (Leander)
Class 387/3 Ex-C2C – Great Northern (Dale43170)
Class 66 LED Headlights (James Ivell)
Class 802 Hull Trains 21 Anniversary (Clowes)
Class 90 InterCity Swallow (LSL) v1.1 (Bodge It TMD)
EMR Class 170 Destinations (Chris Horsefield)
Ex-Transport for Wales (East Midlands Railway) 170s (Clowes)

(Major Wales Design)
Arriva Rail Northern Class 170
Class 180 Revamp Pack
Vintage Trains Class 47 (47773 IC Scotrail/EWS/BR Green)

(Semaphore Sim)
AP Class 700/707/717 EP Patch (AzeezSim)
LNER Azuma Reskin Pack (AzeezSim)
Lumo 803003 (AzeezSim)
Meridian/Voyager Advanced 2019 Overhaul 4.4 (LP Simulation)

GBRf 66 Pack (AH Mods)

Things to know:
– The MJW BR Green Class 47 used in this scenario is the ‘Vintage Trains’ variant, rather than the ‘LSL’ variant used as per reality. This was due to a bug that seems to exist with the ‘LSL’ 47, where the locomotive would not produce any audio and the entire train would not move at all. Despite this, both variants look almost the same, apart from there being no nameplate or blank front panel. I figured this wouldn’t hinder immersion too much though.
– For some reason, the orientation of the Class 90 would not go the correct way. There is also no ‘Royal Scot’ nameplate provided in the Class 90 LSL pack. Again, this should not massively affect your experience.