2K02 17:12 London Victoria – Sheerness-on-Sea (2019)

2K02 17:12 London Victoria – Sheerness-on-Sea (2019)

13th September 2021 1 By Mattg17

A scenario for the Chatham Mainline / St Pancras 2016 merge.

Description: Today you are rostered to run the first of the two evening peak workings to the Isle of Sheppy throughout, with the traction being the usually booked MetCam 466+465/9 combo.


Chatham Mainline & Medway Valley Lines
London – Faversham High Speed
Sheerness Branch
London – Brighton
2016 Chatham Mainline / St Pancras merge (Steam Workshop)
LO Class 378 AND/OR North London Line
Southeastern Class 465
Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 375/377 EP
Class 377/379/387 EP
Class 465/466 EP Vol. 2
Sky/Weather EP
Alan Thomson Sim

Desiro City Pack