(LT 5.2) Part 3 6S78 1810 Severn Tunnel Junction – Mossend. Hereford to Shrewsbury

(LT 5.2) Part 3 6S78 1810 Severn Tunnel Junction – Mossend. Hereford to Shrewsbury

18th September 2021 0 By Leigh Millinship

In the early 1980’s class 40’s were regular visitors to South East Wales working down the Welsh Marches from Crewe. One service where they returned north on was the S78 1810 Severn Tunnel Junction – Mossend.

Over three scenarios class 40, 40085 will work from Severn Tunnel Junction stabling point, collecting the freight consist from the down yard, over the steep banks between South Wales and Hereford, then onto Shrewsbury.

In this final scenario drive the leg from Hereford to Shrewsbury where the scenario will conclude just north of Shrewsbury station.

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INSTALLATION – Drag the ‘Content’ folder into your ‘RailWorks’ folder, then clear the cache in Train Simulator. The scenario should now be visible in the route ‘Welsh Marches Line – Newport to Shrewsbury’ and playable with the name “(LT 5.2) Part 3 6S78 1810 Severn Tunnel Junction – Mossend. Hereford to Shrewsbury”.

Scenario length – 60 mins, medium rating
Note, this scenario uses the Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

From DTG
– Train Simulator: Welsh Marches: Newport – Shrewsbury Route Add-On

From DTG
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– Train Simulator: BR Class 101 DMU Add-On
– Train Simulator: BR Blue Pack Loco Add-On
– Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack
– TS Marketplace: BDO 60T Unfitted Bogie Bolster Wagon Pack
– Rebodied dia. 1/146 HTV 21t Coal Hoppers Wagon Pack
– TS Marketplace: VCA 45t GLW 2 axle vans Wagon Pack
– TS Marketplace: VGA/VKA Wagon Pack Add-On
– West Coast Main Line Over Shap Route Add-on

From Armstrong Powerhouse
– Mk1 Coach Pack Vol.1
– Class 37 Locomotive Pack Vol. 2
– Class 40 Locomotive Pack

From Digital Traction
– British Rail Wagon Pack (1960s-2000)
– British Railways Wagons Pack

– Freeware Pack UK Wagons #1 (For Brake Van)

From Armstrong Powerhouse
– Class 47 Sound Pack (Pro)
– Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack

From Vulcan Productions
– BR Blue Class 47 Pack (Pre 1985)