London to Brighton Scenarios Remastered

London to Brighton Scenarios Remastered

29th January 2023 3 By Thomas Oates

This pack of thirty scenarios takes several scenarios from the London to Brighton route and reworks them with more advanced versions of available stock. In addition, several AI services have been tweaked for improved timings and to use motive power that would have worked those services in real life.

DLC requirements:

London to Brighton
Southern Class 421
Class 460
Class 422
Class 442
Wartime Black Flying Scotsman
Chatham Main Line
Portsmouth Direct Line: Waterloo to Portsmouth
Network SouthEast Class 159

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 375/77 Enhancement Pack
Class 442 Sound Pack
MK1 Carriage Pack Vol. 1
Class 444/450 Enhancement Pack
Class 158/9 Cummins Enhancement Pack

Steam Sounds Supreme
Double Chimney Flying Scotsman Sound Pack
LBSCR Terriers Main Pack + Early Days

Caledonia Works

Golden Age Developments
AP MK1 Enhancement Pack