4G19 13:46 Sutton to St Albans City

4G19 13:46 Sutton to St Albans City

29th January 2023 4 By Aditya Limaye

Hey guys,
This is a 2 part scenario approximately 120min.

First part starts in Sutton which takes you upto Herne Hill
Second part starts at Herne Hill and takes you upto St Albans City.

Sutton and Mole Valley lines (v2.3) route (for part 1)
South London and Thameslink route (for part 2)
– Class 375/377 Enhancement Pack
– Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
– Class 700 Enhancement Pack
– Class 360 EMR pack

This is my first attempt at making a scenario, please do provide feedback