London Overground Wimbledon – West Croydon Route

London Overground Wimbledon – West Croydon Route

28th July 2019 15 By ChiefJack

The Wimbledon to West Croydon Line was a railway line in South London. The last train ran on 31 May 1997 and the line closed on 2 June 1997 for most of it to be converted into the Tramlink network.

This recreation in Train Simulator sees the route in a fictional modern London Overground era in the present day. It is a representation of what the route could be like today had it not been converted into the TramLink. The route covers just over six miles with seven stations, two termini and five intermediate stations.

The route requires a small selection of Payware and Freeware to run as intended. It also includes two Quick Drives and five Standard Scenarios.

Required Freeware:

Original Wimbledon to West Croydon Line Route by Backdated TrainSim –

Required Payware:
Portsmouth Direct Line: London Waterloo – Portsmouth by DTG –

South London Network Route by DTG –

North London Line Route by DTG or North London & Goblin Lines by DTG – or

London Transport Heritage Collection by DTG (only for the Mitcham Junction Signalbox and odd clutter) –

South Western Main Line: Southampton – Bournemouth Route by DTG (only for ‘Do Not Alight Here’ signs at Waddon Marsh) –

More information can be found in the manual.

There are several known errors within the route. For example, at Merton Park Platform 1 the train doors WILL NOT open. Myself and others have tried to fix this but have been unable to. Any help is appreciated. Some people have also reported having problems with signals but that hasn’t affected me.