[KWS] 1P73 MIA – RCC

[KWS] 1P73 MIA – RCC

8th October 2021 1 By Follower Kieran

This scenario puts you in charge of 1P73 between Leeds and York. Due to severe weather and excess rain, flooding in the cross gates area is causing disruption. Network Rail workers are on site to deal with the problem. Due to this, there is a TSR of 10mph at Cross Gates. Take charge and enjoy the challenge. The scenario is 35 minutes in length and will give you a challenging drive to York.

Calling Points

Your calling points for this scenario are as followed:

York (Arriving at around 13:40)


Any requirements marked with a * are optional but do enhance the experience of the scenario.

DTG GEML (For Flooding Assets)
ATS TSR Equipment
ATS Class 185
ATS Class 800 Azuma Reskin
ATS Chat Moss (For Class 80X TPE Reskin)
AP Class 150 EP
AP Class 158 EP
AP Weather EP*
Clowes Class 158 Northern Variants
DTG Settle to Carlisle (For Static Wagons at Neville Hill)
DTG Class 220 Cross Country