[JWT] 1C99 23.45 London Paddington – Penzance.

[JWT] 1C99 23.45 London Paddington – Penzance.

8th August 2021 2 By Jack Clemens

[JWT] 1C99 23.45 London Paddington – Penzance.

Its the 2nd August 2007 and you are tasked with driving 1C99 from Reading to Exeter St.Davids.

Good morning driver. You have taken control of 1C99 here at Reading and you will be taking it as far as Exeter St.Davids. Set up your cab and allow passengers to board. Your timings are loose and you may be running slightly early. Please obey ALL signals. You will need to await your departure times, therefor, you must not TAB any signals. There is enough time for a coffee and a PNB at Westbury and Taunton.

57/6 75mph timing load.

**Please note: Your stops at Westbury and Taunton are quite lengthy. Your departure times are ditermined by the proceed aspect of the Platform starter signal, not the Gaurds Whistle. Timings are included in the ‘F1’ menu when playing the simulator for your reference.**

Reading [dep 00.37]
Newbury [pass 00/54]
Bedwyn [pass 01/06]
Westbury [arr 01.35/dep 01.45]
Taunton [arr 02.32/dep 02.36]
Exeter St.Davids [arr 03.05]

Have a safe shift.


Fastline Simulations ex-EWS VDA
Fastline Simulations YQA Parr
Medway Valley

57/0 SP
Sky/Weather EP (latest version)
66 EP
MTU/Valenta/VP185 EP

Just Trains:
SWEX-Reading route
JJA Autoballaster

Major Wales:
class 43 Revamp (+ requirements)
class 08 Revamp (+ requirements)

Vulcan Productions:
57/6 Western Region (+ requirements)
Green/Gold Sleeper (+ requirements)
Green/Gold Mk2 ex-TSO (+ requirements)

To install this scenario simply drag and drop the Assets and Content folder into your Railworks Directory.

Thank You to Matt Caroll for his brilliant advice and also a huge thank you to Richard Fletcher for allowing me to include his VP Portal. Thank You to Ben Trendall and Barry Price for testing this scenario.