[JWT] 1B63 16.45 Nottingham to London St.Pancras (2 parts)

[JWT] 1B63 16.45 Nottingham to London St.Pancras (2 parts)

24th February 2021 2 By Jack Clemens

[JWT] 1B63 16.45 Nottingham – London St.Pancras Intl (2 parts) VP185 HST


Part 1: Drive the first leg of this London bound East Midlands Trains service from Nottingham to Leicester calling at East Midlands Parkway and Leicester.

Part 2: Drive the remainder of the journey from Bedford to London St.Pancras Calling at Luton only.


Drive 1B63 from Nottingham to London St.Pancras International during the evening peak – there are TSR’s in place in various places which are stated in the F1 menu when playing the scenario.


Part 1: 35 Minutes
Part 2: 47 Minutes

Year: 2019 (pre-EMR)

Season: Autumn

Weather: Overcast / Dusk


DTG Midland Mainline Bedford – London
JT MML + Derby/Leicester/Notts extension
JT 222 2019+
AP 43 MTU + VP185
AP 156
AP 319 vol.1
AP Sky / Weather EP

Major Wales class 43 Revamp Pack

Fastline Simulations YGA Parr Wagon Pack (static only)
Fastline Simulations TSR equipment


These are packaged to .RWP file’s.


I think that’s everything listed in the requirements. Thank you for downloading. Both scenarios have been tested quite a number of times and feature on my YouTube channel.