[JWC] 5D04 / 2Y10 / 5Y10 – First Great Western Class 67 Hire-Ins (2009) Twin-Pack Scenario

[JWC] 5D04 / 2Y10 / 5Y10 – First Great Western Class 67 Hire-Ins (2009) Twin-Pack Scenario

23rd December 2021 2 By Jack Clemens

[JWC] 5D04 05+22 Bristol Barton Hill – Taunton (Part 1)

Since the days of Wessex Trains – The Bristol Region has suffered shortages of DMU’s – During late 2008 and well into 2009 First Great Western hired in EWS 67’s plus refurbed Mk2D-F’s (ex-Virgin) Today 05/02/2009 you have the hired-in set (which is substituting for a 14x / 15x DMU). To reflect this, the WTT has allowances to accommodate the difference in power, weight and brake force. You are limited to 75mph.

To Install these 2 standard scenarios – drag and drop the ‘Assets’ and ‘ Content’ files to your Railworks Directory.
Thank you to Richard Fletcher for allowing me to use the [VP] Portal asset. Without these the scenarios would not be as realistic.

Part 1: Ahead of what will be a busy day, you are tasked with taking the ECS from Bristol Barton Hill W.R.D to Taunton. You should have a nice gentle run West.

Good morning driver. As soon as you’re ready please
head to BTM where you will collect your
Train Crew. You are not booked to leave BTM until 06.20
Here are some timings for your reference.
Careful when you exit the depot – your ground signal is under the
Signal Gantry and is hard to spot.

Bristol Temple Meads P4 (dep 06.20)
*Collect Train Crew*
Bristol West Jn (pass 06/21)
Worle Jn (pass 06/36)
Uphill Jn (pass 06/38)
Bridgewater (pass 06/49½ [1]
Taunton (arr 07.02)

Max.Speed = 75mph


Part 2 – of this series of scenarios was sadly lost in a recent TS re-install (RIP)!

[JWC] 2Y10 09.13 Bristol Parkway – Weston-s-Ware (part 3)

Part 3. Now back at Bristol Temple Meads – you are tasked with driving service 2Y10 to Weston-s-Mare. Once terminated you will run ECS to Taunton.

Ok driver – You’ve taken back over here at BTM.
Get the doors open and ensure you know your stopping
pattern! ETS is already on. Once the train has been
cleared of customers at WSM you will run ECS down to
Taunton in preparation for the next up service.

Bristol Temple Meads (dep 09.25)
Bedminster (arr 09.27½)
Nailsea & Backwell (arr 09.39)
Yatton (arr 09.45½)
Worle (arr 09.52)
Weston Milton (arr 09.58)
Weston-s-Mare (arr 10.01)
5Y10 ECS Weston-s-Mare – Taunton
Weston-s-Mare (dep 10.10)
Bridgewater (pass 10.24½)
Taunton (arr 10.53) Expected Early

Max.Speed = 75mph

Just Trains:
SWEX-Reading v1.03
Voyager Advanced 2019+
ZZA Snow plough (static only)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
150/1 EP
Sky/Weather EP
158 EP (Cummins + Perkins)
31 EP
FSA/FTA wagon pack
Mk1 Pack vol.1
142 pack (for MJW class 143 revamp)

Major Wales:
HST revamp
143/144 Revamp
153 revamp
(plus their own requirements)