[JST] 1C02 Derby to London St Pancras

[JST] 1C02 Derby to London St Pancras

1st August 2022 1 By 6233Jess

Take charge of the final leg of 1C02 from Derby to St Pancras, starting just outside of Bedford Station. Traffic is light and the weather is great, so you should not experience any issues.


1. On approach to Flitwick, there is a signal bug displaying a red aspect. The following signal is green.
I recommend you request to pass this signal at danger, to avoid tripping the emergency brakes.

2. On approach into St Pancras, you must obey all signals to complete the scenario successfully.
Do not request to pass these signals at danger.


*- DTG Midland Mainline London – Bedford [STEAM]
*- Class 222 Advanced [JUST TRAINS]
*- Default Rail Simulator Loco Pack [STEAM]
*- Class 43 VP185 Enhancement Pack [ARMSTRONG POWERHOUSE]