Ex-Southern (East Midlands Railway) 170s

Ex-Southern (East Midlands Railway) 170s

5th November 2022 4 By Clowes

It’s started! The 4 Class 171s (originally 170s from First ScotRail) used by GTR have come to Etches Park. oh… 3? Yeah turns out GTR need them too. So EMR have 422, 423 and 424. Although, they’re /9s at the moment as they still have Dellner couplers and so are incompatible with other 170s.

What’s Included?
EMR Branded, GTR Southern Liveried 170s, and 2 PreLoads (Dellner and BSI)…

Class 170 or Edinburgh Glasgow
AP Class 168/170/171 EP
East Midlands Railway Class 170

A one page manual is included with the instructions you need, please read it carefully!
If your carriage numbers are incorrect, redownload the 170EP (21/09/2022 or newer) and these shall be fixed.

BodgeItTMD – Child Objects and scripting

V1.1 2023/05/01 2100 | Adds 170/4s with BSI couplers and no non-multi Dellner warning