[JD] Return service to Rainham (9P27/9P38) with Announcements

[JD] Return service to Rainham (9P27/9P38) with Announcements

8th September 2022 10 By theepicfrog15

Drive a Class 700 on a stopping service from from Gravesend to Rainham. Then in Part 2 drive the return service back to Gravesend. The outbound service will be wet but by the return service will just be overcast. Both are short 30 minute runs and both have full announcements included. The announcement recordings have been created using this website: https://rail-announcements.davwheat.dev/
There is a read me for each individual scenario.

Requirements (Optional*):
DTG (Steam)
Chatham Main Line – London Victoria to Dover + Ramsgate
ECML South – London to Peterborough (For AP 465)*
Class 465 (For AP 465)*
Chatham Mainline and Medway Valley (For Wagons)*
Class 700

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class 700/707/717 EP
Class 375/377 EP*
Class 465/466 EP Vol 2*

Semaphore Simulations (AzeezSim):
AP Class 700/707/717 EP Patch 1.1 (https://semaphoresim.com/file/147-ap-class-700707717-ep-patch/)