[GW] 2P96 2018 Penzance to Plymouth

[GW] 2P96 2018 Penzance to Plymouth

24th March 2019 0 By GRBowman

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Take this 150/2 and 158 combination on the GWR 2P96 (20:18) service from Penzance to Plymouth in the midst of March fog, utilising the newly-released Just Trains Cornish Mainline Extension.

> Just Trains’ Western Mainlines, South Devon Mainline (Extension) and Cornish Mainline (Extension)
> Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 150/2 Pack
> RSC Class 159 (Steam)
> Armstrong Powerhouse’s Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
> Class 43/Mk3 MTU Enhancement Pack
> Just Trains’ Class 220/221 Voyager Advanced Pack
> Armstrong Powerhouse’s Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack

> All files in this download have been virus scanned on two separate computers.
> All requirements of course remain the property of their respective owners/creators. I claim no credit whatsoever for any part(s) of any requirements.
> Please read the readme within the download before installing and making use of this scenario. If you do not agree with the content included within this readme, please do not then proceed to make use of the download.