[GS] 2D69 – Llandudno to Llandudno Junction

[GS] 2D69 – Llandudno to Llandudno Junction

7th February 2021 0 By Golden Squid

– Scenario Brief:
Good afternoon driver, today you will be driving this 150/2 from Llandudno down to Llandudno Junction, this is a short drive so there shouldn’t be any problems.

– Requirements:

► Alan Thomson Simulations
Transport for Wales Class 158 (by Clowes)

► Armstong Powerhouse
Class 150/2
Class 158 (Perkins)
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (Not essential but adds to the scenario)

► Dovetail Games
DTG: North Wales Coastal (Crewe to Llandudno)

► Major Wales
Transport for Wales – Class 150/2