Kuju Route AP Track Patch

Kuju Route AP Track Patch

6th March 2021 13 By JollyGood02

European loco and asset pack (Steam)
Great Western Main Line (Steam)*
East Coast Main Line (Steam)*
Somerset & Dorset Railway (Steam)*
TestTraK (Steam)*
AP Track Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

*=You dont need all of these, but you do need at least one of them

Installation – we all know the drill – drop the content folders into the RailWorks folder and you should be golden

Right, here we are, something no one asked for or needed. But hey, at least theres something.
I am only a novice, however, so dont expect anything decent. This is simply a retexture so some
parts may be a little shoddy, and some trackbed textures cant be replaced because they’re not actually track textures, its only on very short bits though so theres no need to worry about it too much.

In this pack
-Track Enhancement
-Texture Enhancement
-Quick Drive for TestTraK (more of a ‘convenient free roam’, really.)

BE WARNED: Because the terrain texture files are in the Euro loco and asset pack, the textures may
show on other Kuju routes which this track patch doesn’t cover which might make them look a little odd. TesTraKs files are separate from the Kuju folder so the terrain texture replacement files are included within the track patch.

Let me know if there’s any game-breaking issues or something and I’ll get ’em fixed.

I’d also advise making a back up of these routes – or just reinstall them if anything goes wrong