GNER 2000 WCMLNWS Quad Pack

GNER 2000 WCMLNWS Quad Pack

11th April 2021 5 By Mark Milmine

A quad pack of scenario’s for the route. Features 2 ECS Runs and 2 Passenger Runs using the GNER Class 91 & Mk4 stock. Over 2 hours of scenarios in 4 runs. Full details in the readme for additional stock etc


Hi And thank you for downloading this file from Alan Thomson Sim for the West Coast Mainline North West & Scotland Route

This readme will provide you with the information required for the installation of the 4 scenario’s. Details of the scenario will be provided below.

First of all , open “Utilites” on your PC (Usually C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks) and install the .rwp files for both scenarios. This should install them into your RailWorks folder , if they don’t show , try the above step again.

Ok , Dependancies for the scenarios

Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 43 Valenta Pack
Class 90/DVT Pack
Class 91 Enhancement Pack
Class 150 Pack
Class 156 Pack
Class 158 Enhancement Pack (Cummins)
Class 170 Enhancement Pack
Weather Enhancement Pack
Class 303 Sound Pack
Mk1 Pack
Mk2 Pack 01
Class 86 Enhancement Pack

Alan Thomson Sim

Class 91/Mk4 Improvements Pack
HST Branded Virgin West Coast & Cross Country Pack
HST Improvements Pack
Virgin Trains West Coast Loco Hauled Pack


Class 303


Class 159 pack
Class 67
Class 86
Class 91
Class 101 Strathclyde
Diesel Shunter Pack

UK Trainsim

EMU Pack no 1 (Freeware)

Thomson Interactive

Edinburgh – Glasgow Route/170 Pack

==Scenario Insight==

5E04 06:00 Polmadie CSMD – Glasgow Central

You start the day by taking the empty coaches to Glasgow Central in time to form the first train of the day

Scenario time – Approx 10 Minutes or less

1E04 07:00 Glasgow Central – London Kings Cross

After completing the first part , you now sit in the DVT and will take the train as far as Edinburgh Waverley. You call at Motherwell (07:15) and Edinburgh Waverley where hopefully you’ll arrive just before 8am (Booked time 07:58). Traffic is reasonably quiet at this time of the Morning , getting a little busier by the time you arrive at Edinburgh

Scenario time – Approx 1 Hour

1S31 15:00 London Kings Cross – Glasgow Central

You take the train from Edinburgh through to Glasgow Central calling at Motherwell on the way. There are still a few trains about from rush hour but it should be quiet enough.

Scenario time – Approx 1 Hour

5S31 20:25 Glasgow Central – Polmadie CSMD

You start in the DVT and get ready for the short run to the Depot with the empty coaches. At Polmadie you stop momentarily for instructions from the Shunter , you then proceed to enter the depot after reversal where the train will be cleaned. The scenario ends there.

Scenario time – Approx 20 Minutes