[GG-TC] 1507 High St – Balloch Central

[GG-TC] 1507 High St – Balloch Central

10th March 2021 1 By Get-Geeky

It’s the 25th of November 1979 and the new Trans-Clyde passenger service on the newly opened Argyll line is in it’s first month of service.

You get to drive one of the brand new class 314 Electric Multiple Units today on a Sunday service from High Street to Balloch Central via Yoker.

I’ve set the times on the briefing to the exact times on the real November 1979 Trans Clyde timetable. At this time the supremacy of the old ‘Blue Trains'(303s) came to an end with the introduction of brand new Class 314s
and for the re-opening of Glasgow Central Low level which was originally given the Beeching Axe in 1964. Thus linking the electrified North Clyde line to the West Coast Mainline south of Rutherglen.

– Rivett Games Suburban Glasgow Northwest (https://store.steampowered.com/app/1364036/Train_Simulator_Suburban_Glasgow_Northwest_Springburn__Helensburgh_Route_AddOn/)

– European Loco & Asset Pack (included with most routes however also available here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/208300/Train_Simulator_European_Loco__Asset_Pack/)
– DTG Class 27 (https://store.steampowered.com/app/258661/Train_Simulator_BR_Class_27_Loco_AddOn/)
– Train Simulator: BR Class 303 EMU Add-On (https://store.steampowered.com/app/258668/Train_Simulator_BR_Class_303_EMU_AddOn/)

– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 314/315 Electric Multiple Unit Pack(https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/multiple_unit2/class_314-315_electric_multiple_unit_pack)
– Armstrong Powerhouse Mk1 Coach Pack (https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/rolling_stock/coach/mk1_coach_pack_vol_1)

– Class 27 ‘BR Blue TOPS Eastfield Depot’ (https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72locomotives.html)
– Unrefurbished 303 BR Blue (http://downloads.suburban-glasgow.co.uk/Class303SGPack01.zip)

Any issues or comments, please let me know.

Have Fun.
Stevie (Get-Geeky)