A day in the life of an GWR 158 No 1 V1.02

A day in the life of an GWR 158 No 1 V1.02

13th April 2022 0 By LNERFAN4468

my third scenario pack for TS this time is for an GWR 158 and all the services it does in an day including coupling up to another unit at Gloucester

If you encounter any problems with any scenarios, need any advice, any requirements I missed from the list and what you would like to see from this pack, other packs by me and in future please do leave them in the comment section below

Scenario List for V1
3O70 St Philips Marsh to Westbury via Bristol Temple Meads 5 car 158745+158951
2O70 Westbury to Weymouth 2 car 158745
2V60 Weymouth to Gloucester 2 Parts 2 car 158745
5C18 Gloucester Carriage Sidings to Gloucester 2 Car 158747
2C18 Gloucester to Frome 2 Parts 4 car 158747+158745
2A18 Frome to Westbury 4 car 158745+158747
2E70 Warminster to Worcester Foregate Street 2 parts divide at Gloucester 4 Car 158747+158745 to Gloucester 2 car 158747 to Worcester Foregate Street
2T32 Worcester Foregate Street To Bristol Temple Meads 2 car 158747
2E80 Bristol Temple Meads to Gloucester 2 car 158747
5E80 Gloucester to Gloucester Carriage Sidings 2 car 158747
2O90 Gloucester to Southampton Central 2 car 158745
2D98 Westbury to Bristol Temple Meads 2 car 158745
5C96 Bristol Temple Meads to St Philips Marsh 4 car 2C96 connects to you at Bristol 158745+158760

V1.01 6 services added for the unit you couple to add Gloucester
5M02 Exeter Depot to Taunton
2M02 Taunton to Bristol Temple Meads
5C01 Bristol Temple Meads to Bath Spa
2C01 Bath Spa to Bristol Temple Meads
2C06 Bristol Temple Meads to Westbury
2E56 Westbury to Gloucester

V1.02 All scenarios but one that were on the old Southwestern Expressways have been moved to Berks and Hants to Bristol and Penzance route with Class 800EP Added with Superalbs Class 800s Removed. Route markers have been added to scenarios that didn’t have them as I was less experienced at the time of making them. Wording for Scenarios in the Briefing, pop up boxes and description before loading have been correct to make more sense to people. AI pathing and consists have received a minor update.
5M02/2M02 wasn’t able to come over to BHBP due to limitations with the game and due to the Track Layouts are Exeter St Davids and the origin points it was crazy during the editing stage and wasn’t able to be updated the way I wanted it to

Player train Requirements

Class 159
Train Simulator: Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Enhancement Pack
Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
Optional Plawwie Patch
Major Wales Design – Patches

Route requirements
Berks and Hants to Bristol and Penzance – Alan Thomson Simulation
SWE Original
Just Trains South Western Expressways – Alan Thomson Simulation
XC Route
XCRoute Birmingham to Bristol – Alan Thomson Simulation
GWML/Western Mainlines

Ai Requirements
European Loco and Asset Pack (also needed for the 166)
Train Simulator: European Loco & Asset Pack on Steam (steampowered.com)
Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
MK3 Sliding Doors
Mk3 Sliding Door Pack – Alan Thomson Simulation
ECML KGX to PBO for 800
Train Simulator: East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough Route Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Class 800EP
Class 800-803 Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
Class 66
Enhancement Pack
Class 08
Train Simulator: EWS & Freightliner Class 08s Loco Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Class 70
Train Simulator: Freightliner Class 70 Loco Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Colas 70
Train Simulator | Richard Fletcher Reskins – Locomotives | DPSimulation
Class 170
Train Simulator: BR Class 170 ‘Turbostar’ DMU Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Class 170 Enhancement Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack (armstrongpowerhouse.com)
Superalbs Class 166 GWR/FGWB
Train Sim Reskins – SUPERALBS (weebly.com)
Riviera Line
Train Simulator: The Riviera Line: Exeter-Paignton Route Add-On on Steam (steampowered.com)
Major Wales Design 143 Revamp Pack
Major Wales Design – Class 143
Major Wales HST Revamp
Major Wales Design – Class 43
Voyager Advanced 2019
Just Trains – Voyager Advanced 2019
Semaphore simulations patch
158798 MSL Patch
No longer Available
Class 59/2
59003 Reskin
GBRf 59003 ‘Yeoman Highlander’ (2020 Livery) – Alan Thomson Simulation
Class 08 Revamp Pack plus requirements for revamp
Major Wales Design – Class 08
South Wales Mainline
Train Simulator: South Wales Coastal: Bristol – Swansea Route Add-on on Steam (steampowered.com)
VP Power Cars
will be changed in next update