(GB) 08:50 0Z37 Crewe H.S. – Barrow Hill L.I.P

(GB) 08:50 0Z37 Crewe H.S. – Barrow Hill L.I.P

29th May 2024 5 By GeorgeBeany

Date: 28th May 2024
Traction: Class 37 37409 with 37419, 37716 & 37422 DIT
Route : WCML Trent Valley (Stafford to Lichfield Trent Valley Chord)


Good Morning Driver,

After having a signal check outside of Stafford, we will embark on the final remaining section of the WCML for this run. Today LSL Class 37 37409 is taking HNRail’s newly acquired Class 37’s (37419, 37716 and 37422) to Barrow Hill from their storage place at Crewe. Its a sad day as more DRS Class 37’s leave the company but what a send-off for them that to have a quad run with 37’s.

Enjoy your run along the WCML as far as Lichfield Trent Valley Chord and remember to give some thrash!


Armstrong Powerhouse:
*Class 37 Vol 1
Class 350 EP
Class 390 Sound Pack

GeorgeBeany Simulation:
*LSL Class 37 37409 Reskin (also available on TS Community and ATS)

Train Sim Community:
*Class 37 37419 Reskin

Class 801
WCML South
*WCML Trent Valley

Major Wales Design:
Class 390 Revamp Pack

Semaphore Simulation:
Avanti Class 805-807 Reskin

(*) Required for the scenario to work