1P07 To Dunblane

1P07 To Dunblane

30th June 2019 Off By Michael Shields

Evening driver you are driving one of the 365 that have recently come of the E&G driving it to Dunblane. There a few delays coming leaving and you will be following a late Queen Street enjoy. If having issues use the ATS installer


Edinburgh to Glasgow electrification Steam workshop by Joethefish


Class 365 EP Scotrail Ap
Class 380 Abellio scotrail vulcan Productions Ash992478
Class 68 EP AP
Mk2 Pack Ap
Class 43 7 Cities and Sidling doors ATS
Class 43 Mtu Ep AP
Mk3 UB Vulcan Production ASH99278
Class 159 RSC
Class 158 Cummins EP AP
Class 170 RSC
cLASS 168/170/171 EP Ap
Class 334 Scotrail Reskin saltire Suburban glasgow