Class 47 Caledonian Sleeper

Class 47 Caledonian Sleeper

8th January 2019 5 By JamesIvell

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The British Rail Class 47 is a class of British railway diesel-electric locomotive that was developed in the 1960s by Brush Traction.

This reskin is of 47 727 which has been painted in Caledonian Sleeper Livery for use on ECS and and unelectrified sections of the Caledonian Sleeper Services.



European Loco & Asset Pack (You may already own this, it’s bundled with some routes and came with Train Simulator before 2012.)

Armstrong Powerhouse
AP43: Wherry Lines Scenario Pack (2014-2015) (Discontinued)


Optional Requirements

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 47 Sound Pack (Pro)