Class 395 Destinations

Class 395 Destinations

27th January 2020 8 By Chris Horsfield

Having recently gotten into the habit of making destination displays much bigger in texture size to provide a more “HD” look to them, I decided to check out the Class 395 destinations that I did previously and noticed just how small the texture size was, and when up close to them in game, they looked awful! Therefore, these new larger textures were created, giving a vastly improved look. The list has been updated so that they are now sorted alphabetically, that’s a hint of my ever so slight OCD where things like that are concerned! A list has been provided with the codes for use in the scenario editor.

These destinations will apply to any reskin for the Class 395, recommmended reskins are shown below.



London to Faversham High Speed
Class 395 AC/DC Patch


Class 395 – Southeastern 10 years
Class 395 #trainbow


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