Class 365 Scenario Pack

Class 365 Scenario Pack

9th August 2019 14 By Adam Forsyth

This pack contains 8 scenarios that I created on release of the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 365 Enhancement Pack that I have bunbled togeather and created this pack. There are 4 scenarios out of London Kings Cross and 4 scenarios on the Edinburgh to Glasgow route via Falkirk High where the 365s spent a short spell on.

All requirements are avaliable in the read me doccument supplied with the file, to find the scenarios in game, look for “[365SP – (number of scenario).

I am only human so if there is any errors in the scenarios or the read me manual then please let me know so I can provide a fix, all the scenarios have been tested signiffcantly on my machine and no errors have been found


Some issues have come to light regarding the route used for the Edinburgh – Glasgow scenarios, please only attempt to use those if you have Chris Horsfields route which has OHLE and stop markers added, please note I believe that this route is no longer avaliable however I will do some investigating and try and come up with a soluation, apoligies.