Class 33 Throttle And Brake Improvement Patch

Class 33 Throttle And Brake Improvement Patch

29th May 2019 Off By CSWalker

This is a throttle and brake improvement patch for the DTG Class 33 locomotive.

The default settings for throttle, train brake and locomotive brake are overly sensitive when driving the Class 33 which makes it tricky and unnatural to operate. These three controls have been changed in this patch for a more smooth and precise response which greatly improves the driving experience of this locomotive.

Also the default train brake setting has been changed from 0% application to 70% application when starting a scenario or quick drive. This means no more unintentional rolling starts on inclines at the beginning of scenarios.

This patch will apply to all the default DTG Class 33 skins (BR Blue Class 33/0 and Class 33/1, BR Green, Dutch, EWS, NSE, General Grey and Railfreight Grey).

*updated for easier install* Simply move included “Assets” folder to your “Railworks” folder.