Oban Excusion

Oban Excusion

29th May 2019 Off By Michael Shields

Morning driver you are driving a double headed 37 railtour to oban. You will take it to Helensburgh upper were another driver will take it over. You have about 3 minutes here at Coatbridge central for passengers once that done on you go its the tail end of peak so there still a few trains around. Other than that enjoy. You will need to Tab signal YY549 at Dalmuir. So open her up and enjoy. Use the ATS Installer or Winrar if you have problems I highly recommend acsync keys because there a lot of waiting around. 37025 was meant to be at the front but i wanted to use the Ap one instead


Suburban Glaasgow
GEML For the 334 Scotrail Reskin


Class 37 Vol 1 Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 320 Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 156 Oovvee
Class 360 Steam Geml
Class 455 DTG
Class 170 Ep Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37425 From Vulcan Productions
Mk1 Coach pack Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 334 Scotrail Saltire http://www.suburban-glasgow.org.uk/home/downloads/reskin-downloads/
Class 318 Scotrail Saltire http://www.suburban-glasgow.org.uk/home/downloads/reskin-downloads/
Mk1 SPRS Backdated trainsim

Not necessary

Class 156 Saltire From Dp simulation only one train
Class 170 Unbranded Alan Thomson Sim only one train
Sky and weather pack Armstrong Powerhouse