The 37 Sleeper

The 37 Sleeper

29th May 2019 Off By Onionwolf

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Due to unforeseen circumstances on the WCML the sleeper from London has arrived over 2 hours late which has led a rush to split the train up. You will be taking the Aberdeen portion of the sleeper as far as Dundee. You will be dropping off passengers at Inverkeithing, Kirkcaldy, Leuchars and Dundee.

Scottish East Coast Mainline [Just Trains]

• AP Class 37 [Armstrong Powerhouse]
• Class 67 EWS [Steam]
• AP Weather Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
• Class 159 + Class 158 Perkins/Cummins Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
• Class 170 [Steam] + Class 170 Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
• WCML North
• AP Mark 2 Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
• AP/Waggonz Class 321 [Armstrong Powerhouse]
• Class 390 [Steam] + Class 390 Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
• European Asset Pack + Class 43 Valenta Enhancement Pack [Armstrong Powerhouse]
• JT Voyager Pack [Just Trains]
You will need the following reskins
Jamesivell – Caledonian-sleeper-mk3-slep-pack